Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Emily's 8 year Birthday Outing

We attended Emily's 8th birthday party on Sunday.  Sadly, we did not bring the camera.  It was a pool party and lots of fun for everyone.

However, we gave Emily her usual gift of an outing with Memere and Pepere.  This year she chose the Science Museum.

    Pepere loves moose so much, 
I think he's becoming one!

They had a whole display on Pixar and the art of animation.

Emily checks out what it's like to be in "A Bug's Life"

We worked together to design a Virtual Set

Pepere bears a striking resemblance to a 
character from Finding Nemo

While  Emily lights up the set.

In the Science of the Playground, Emily sees if she can beat the light in a foot race.  She did!

The science of spinning.......

and swinging!

Optical Illusions!
Watch the red dot and the lines around it start to swirl.


One of the main reasons Emily wanted to go to the Museum of Science was to see the Lightening Show......now she's waiting in trepidation for the loud noise!

Creating a bit of her own electricity.

Ever look at yourself in the mirror?

Loved making colored shadows!

And finally a stop at Papa Gino's where Emily tormented me with her straw wrapper!

After the day in Boston was over, she still wanted to come hang with us, so she came to our house where we played music, hung out with Pepere in his room, and made some chocolate chip cookies with Memere.

All in all a great birthday adventure with Memere and Pepere!

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