Saturday, August 8, 2015

Insane Inflatables

Even though we'd already done the Mud Run this year, when the Insane Inflatables was going to be in our own hometown, I couldn't resist signing up Jamie and I.   And I was very excited when Kenny and  his friend Ashley decided to join us.   (Kenny did say he might have signed up after drinking excessively.....but that's okay!)

Side note - we did see a T-shirt that said, "This seemed like a good idea 3 months ago."   Our exact thoughts when we were all faced with getting up early for our 9am wave.

Pretty obviously, Insane Inflatables is a 5K course with obstacles that are all blow-up style, like bouncy houses.

We got there nice and early and made sure we were all ready for our wave.
Kenny and Ashley are all ready to go!

A tiny bit of warming up before the race.

The official race photographer (Hubby) was fooled into thinking our wave had begun.  While we were still waiting in the "cattle pen" he was wandering off in the shrubbery trying to find us.

But he did take a photo of another wave of people.....looks like a bunch of bugs going over the wall!

The obstacles were pretty cool:

Hubby got in position to take some photos at the end of this slide:

Kenny sticks the landing.

Ashley looking good!

Jamie rolls out the bottom.

The photographer got a good one of me....I'll check the official race photos later this week.

In between the obstacles, there was lots of running .....or walking in my case!

Kenny running so fast his hair is flying!

Poor Hubby...every time we saw him with the camera we pretended to run!

But we were really doing this!

The final obstacle.....Big Balls!  
 Jamie swung it back to try and hit me.

A long climb up to a giant slide at the end.

High Five! Job well done!

A post-race brew.

No problem drinking while doing some post-race stretching!

Free t-shirt for me to wear to the gym.

My bling!

And for those of you who read this post all the way to the end, here's a treat for you!  Don't miss Jamie's curtsy at the end!

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