Thursday, July 23, 2015

Audrey's Second Birthday Party

Our youngest grand-daughter celebrated her  birthday last week.  Her birthday is really June 11 - but she was sick that weekend!  So the party was postponed and actually held on her Daddy's 35th birthday.

Someone brought a bubble machine 

Which Audrey loved

And so did the other kids....Jamie and Emily

Part of the big excitement of the day was the "Big Reveal" where we found out if Audrey was having a little brother or a little sister.

We all guessed....the voting was 50/50

And it's a Girl!!!

Then it was time for a little cake....or a giant cupcake

A little lift to blow out the candle

A bit cleaner than last year!

Although Dad got a nice messy hug before he 
had a chance to wipe her up!

There was very little gift opening because everyone  had given Audrey her gifts closer to her real birthday.   I saved a couple for the party.

Audrey loved the card we gave her because it had Olaf singing!  She was curious to find out where the voice was coming from!

I surprised Nick by giving Audrey the doll that Nick had as a child....all washed up with home-made clothes.   "Tommy" was  a member of the family!

Doug Kara and Emily relax in the grass.

Kelly's Mom and Emily and I helped Audrey with her "Frozen" memory game.

Audrey can name all the characters!

Auntie Jamie plays a game of chase!

A beautiful girl 2 year old!

Four generation photo of Great Grampy, Daddy, Audrey and Memere.

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