Sunday, June 7, 2015

Woodward's Resort

Working for AAA gives me so many opportunities to find new places to go and things to do.   Lincoln NH is a place I've been many times before, but always on a day-trip.   Investigating places to stay for a customer is how I found Woodward's Resort, which in turn determined our destination for our spring getaway.

Woodward's is the type of place that reminds me of the old-fashioned type of resort from Dirty Dancing.   There are four or five buildings with every type of room.  The only thing I didn't like about the place was that it is "motel" style with the doors leading to the outside. Other than that the place was a lot of fun.

We had a very clean room - very ordinary - with a nice deck overlooking the pool.

It was very relaxing to sit outside with a cup of tea and something to read.  The place was pretty empty since we were there before the season started.

The best thing about staying in a "resort" is the extra-curricular activities.    Tag and I played shuffleboard the first night....not just an old person's sport!

They had a very nice indoor pool, which we used both nights.  The room was nicely lit with knotty pine wood walls and ceiling.   It was connected to a fantastic hot tub with jacuzzi jets.   Hubby was instantly in love with it and promised to build me one!

The second night we decided to try out the horseshoe pits.   We started out playing with the regular rules, but quickly realized it would take us about a week to get to 21!  So we changed the rules so we got a point just for getting it into the square pit!  We did, however, each get one ringer! 

Usually my other criteria is that a place has to offer a free breakfast.  This place did not, but that just gave us an excuse to try out a breakfast place in town.   My daughter-in-law recommended "Flapjacks", which was excellent!   Hubby says the blueberry pancakes were the best he'd ever had.

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