Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hubby's Great Adventure

I know that Hubby is not too fond of heights.  So it was kind of a joke when I sent him a link to Alpine Adventures saying, "Hey, let's do this on our vacation!"    He looked at the link and saw this:

He didn't think that looked too bad, so he said yes.  I don't think he realized it was a zip-line adventure.

When we got to the place, they got us all set up with our gear, then got us into a van:

We went a couple of exits down the highway until we got to their base camp and got into a Panzer Tank for our wild and crazy ride up and down dirt roads to the beginning of the zip-line course.

Our guide's name was Josh, and he was insane!  He was having a blast scaring the heck out of us as he drove like a maniac on the dirt roads, saying things like, "I can't believe they let me drive this thing!"

We finally got to the zip-line course and after a very quick lesson, they started sending us down the zip-lines.  Josh once again made the whole thing a lot of fun with his "oh wait!" just as one of the girls stepped off the platform.  

You were able to "steer" the zip-line.....basically turning the handle to try and keep yourself facing forward.  Hubby said he spent every trip down the zip-line doing a 360!

There was one tree-house

The last zip-line was a free-fall trust drop stepping backwards off the platform!   At the end, they had to wheel out a big ladder to get us down off the line.

We both made it back in one piece!  Huge kudos to Hubby for going along with my craziness.   He did a fantastic job for someone who's not too fond of heights....or scary adventures!

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Trude Witham said...

Wow, great story. You were brave. No way I would have done that! :-)