Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Flume Gorge

For our June vacation this year, I took the whole week off but Hubby has less vacation time than I do, so he only took three days.  Unfortunately for me, the first two days it rained......and not just rained but poured!!  Thankfully the weatherman was right and the next three days were stunningly gorgeous.  Bright blue skies and 70 degrees....perfect for our trip "up north".

We began our vacation with a stop at the Tilt'n Diner.  I've always wanted to go there, and this was our opportunity.  It's an old-fashioned restored diner from the 50's.

They did add an addition onto the back of it, but we got to sit in the dining car part of it.

They also have an old-fashioned counter.

 And the food was delicious!!

From there we went directly to the Flume Gorge.   The last time Hubby and I were there was in 2002.  It was the first year we were going out together, and I took him there for his birthday in October.  On that occasion it snowed!  Luckily for us, we had phenomenal weather for our hike to the Gorge.

Before you even get to the Gorge there's a covered bridge.

Table Rock

The beginning of the Gorge Walkway

Up the Stairs and through the Gorge

Of course, pictures don't do it justice.  After the Gorge there's lots of nice hiking through the woods.

Another covered bridge.....this one's a bit older!

The "Wolf's Den" -  A very narrow cave you can crawl through.  We chose not to crawl!

I had to take this photo as a re-creation ......

of this famous picture of my kids!

You can't go to the Flume without driving up the road to The Basin.  Again, pictures don't do it justice, but this is a perfectly round bowl of water created from years of water pounding into the rocks.

We had a fantastically gorgeous day at the Gorge and were happy to make our way to our Inn for some relaxation.

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