Monday, June 8, 2015

The Kancamagus

Our plan was to spend the whole day cruising the Kancamagus Highway and stopping to hike whenever we found something we liked.

We had just passed a sign saying "Moose Crossing - next 2 miles" and we saw a moose crossing!  

After driving in to a couple of parking areas, only to see the hiking sign say something like "4.7 miles"  - that's ONE WAY! - we finally stopped at one of my favorite places:

There's a really nice pathway that goes about 1/2 mile into the woods along a small river.   It was such a gorgeous day!

Of course, the main attraction is the falls.  There's a long wooden walkway to the top and a bridge to cross to get to the head of the falls.

A beautiful pool at the top invited me to take off my shoes and dip my toes.  Brrrr!

Hubby fits right in.

We continued down the Highway, stopping at some beautiful spots and scenic overlooks.

We did a little more hiking in Rocky Gorge before we stopped at another favorite location - The Lower Falls

Hubby's naptime

Off go the shoes again

A little rock-climbing

And finally into the very, very cold water!

When turned around at this point and drove all the way back across to Lincoln to our hotel where we swam and went in the hot tub. We dined at the Common Man that night - once again a delicious dinner!

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