Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Back to "Normal"

With our living room project finally done (almost) it's nice to get back into the normal swing of things.  I say "almost" because although we've gotten all the major, hard work done, there are still many details we have yet to finish.   Curtains, rugs, wall hangings.   The curtains and rugs are going to wait a while until we have a bit more money! (the living room renovation of course went over budget).   And the wall hangings are going to take some thought and planning as we certainly don't want to stick a bunch of nail holes in our new, smooth, clean walls!

But the room is quite functional and beautiful enough that I feel comfortable and happy inviting people over.  That was a major downfall in our four-month-long renovation.  We could not have company over, and I do love inviting people in!  Hopefully the pace of our entertaining will pick up now that we have not only the house available, but the backyard as well.

Speaking of the backyard.......we did have our first family cookout this past weekend.  The occasion was my Dad's 75th birthday party.  It was such a pleasure to host my family at a backyard BBQ.  It was a spectacular sunny spring day.  We grilled, we ate, we talked, the kids played.

Now it's time (past time) to turn our attention to the outdoors.  I did plant some seeds indoors this year to try and get a  head start on the garden.   Unfortunately, I was ignorant of what needed to be planted early and what did not.  Right now I have some bean plants that should be in the ground, and some pepper plants that are so tiny you can barely see them.  Next year I will know better.  (Something that I believe we said over and over again last year).

We've decided to move the garden to a different spot this year, as last year it was in a shady area and produced no squash, cucumber or pumpkins.   Moving it will entail quite a bit of time and an outlay of cash, two things we are quite short on right now.  But we'll make it happen, come hell or high water!  Complicating matters will be our vacation, taken early this year in the third week of May.  Normally we go mid-June, but grandbaby #4 will be coming along about that time, and we sure don't want to be away on vacation when that happens!

It gives me great pleasure to write about such mundane matters.  I know I live a blessed life, with a Hubby who is the world to me, family, kids, grandkids, gardens, a  house and yard to care for.   These truly are the best years of my life.


Anonymous said...

The room is GORGEOUS! Love the floors!

kenneth frank said...

the room looks great! you guys did an awesome job :]

elizasmom said...

The room looks great! Yay, project (almost) finished! And yay for cookouts — we had our first of the year recently ourselves — such a nice sign of approaching summer.