Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Washington DC - Day Three in Arlington

Our third day in DC was quite the topsy-turvy day.   We planned on going to Arlington Cemetery and then over to Mount Vernon.  The subway could take us to Arlington, but not Alexandria, so we decided we'd just take the car for both places.

Now I understand when they talk about how bad the traffic is down there, especially around the beltway.  After dealing with that, I was more thankful than ever for Washington's wonderful Metro.

Arlington Cemetery was as impressive as I thought it would be.  Hubby commented that every American should have to go there.  It certainly reminds you that America has been in way too many wars.

There were tons of school groups in DC.  At times they were quite irritating because they were much more interested in horsing around, laughing and talking than they were in seeing the monuments.   But I must say, at the Changing of the could have heard a pin drop.

We arrived just as one change was finishing, so we decided to wait the 30 minutes for the next one.   During that time, they did two wreath-laying ceremonies.  Two different school groups wanted to lay wreaths at the site, and the ceremony they put on was very impressive.  There's nothing as chilling as Taps being played slowly.   During that entire 30 minutes, it was absolutely silent.

The Marine in charge did a very official white-glove inspection of the incoming marine's rifle and uniform.

Then escorted him to the spot where he would march solemnly back and forth for the next 30 minutes.

After the ceremony, we walked and saw the Kennedy family graves, and took a trolley (thanks to a very generous trolley driver) back to the entrance.

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elizasmom said...

Ooooh, I've seen a number of these sights myself and love revisiting them via your trip! I will have to make it a point to check out the FDR monument, though — I've never seen that one and your description makes it sound well worth it.