Sunday, May 26, 2013

Washington DC Day One Part One

Our trip to Washington DC began on Sunday with a stop at our favorite NY Style Deli  "Rein's Deli" in Vernon, CT.   While I was in the ladies' room, Hubby held our place in line and made friends with a couple from Virginia.   We ended out eating breakfast together, which worked out well for us.  The woman loved to talk and told us all about things to see and do in DC.

I figured our first day should be dedicated to seeing as many of the monuments as we could.  And boy!  Are there tons of monuments in DC!

First up  - The White House

Not as big and regal looking as I would have thought.  The front of the White House, which is the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue side, is not the side you normally see on TV.

Even so, Hubby figured he could go in there and tell Mr. Obama a thing or two.

The side you usually see is the back, and they didn't let us anywhere near that!

Oops!  That didn't work

The classic Tourist Pose

Next stop was the Washington Monument.  Hubby and I wanted to climb to the top  (or more likely, take the elevator) but they weren't allowing people to go into it.  Apparently it was damaged during an earthquake and they have to fix it to make it safe.

(It's not really tilted.....or blurry!)

We continued walking down the National Mall (which isn't really a stores) and our next stop was, what I considered to be the most beautiful monument.   The World War II Veterans Memorial.

It was the one monument that made me cry when I saw an elderly WWII vet and his family standing and gazing at the monument.   It was touching to see how much it meant to him.

The Reflecting Pool was also being worked on, but it didn't take away from the grandeur of it.

At the end of the Reflecting Pool is one of Hubby's favorite monuments....the Lincoln Memorial

From the top of the steps

Continuing on, we viewed the very impressive Vietnam Veterans' Memorial

Coming tomorrow.............some interesting finds as we walked our way around the Tidal Basin.


Joan J said...

I agree with Tag. My favorite monument is the Lincoln Memorial. The statue is breathtaking and then you turn around and see the view. Amazing. Looking forward to Part 2!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your next chapter!