Tuesday, April 30, 2013

And we begin again

It really broke my heart to lose my Elantra.  Her name was Ellie.   As much as I wanted to keep her, going through the process of keeping a car that had been "totaled" by the insurance company would have been arduous and possibly expensive.

So, once again, we went out shopping for a new car.   If there's anything I hate more than regular shopping, it's car shopping.  Mostly because I hate the thought of getting screwed.

Hubby and I spent Sunday driving up and down Route 28 from Salem to Hooksett, stopping at all the little car dealerships and looking for a "deal".

As always, I'm quite appalled at the prices of cars.  For the $4000 self-imposed limit I set for us, there wasn't a lot to chose from.   I'm partial to four door sedans with automatic transmission.  I was surprised at the number of cars that had a standard transmission.  More than once, I thought we'd found a good deal only to see that it had a stick-shift.   That's not for me.  I like to be able to cruise along without having to think too much.

We had seen a couple of possibilities on the way north, and were planning on going back to revisit a couple of them when we stopped in a place and found our car.   She's a Toyota Corolla, blue, automatic transmission.   She has 100,000 miles on her and of course, we paid more than I wanted to.

But she seems like she'll be a good car and hopefully last a few years.  Hubby and I agreed that our "crashing the car days" are over!


Anonymous said...

I've missed you! Glad car shopping is OVER!

elizasmom said...

Yes, glad you found a car, even if you had to deal with sticker shock along the way!