Sunday, January 15, 2012

That Darn Cat!

Oreo is the head of our household.....or at least that's what he likes to think.  He's actually a very nice cat.  Very friendly, very affectionate.

Of course, he has to be on your lap AT ALL TIMES!!!

He's got the usual annoying cat habits.......walking in front of you while you're trying to go down the stairs......harrassing you until you fill his bowl with food, even if there's already food there.   

In addition, he has a couple of other annoying Oreo tricks......puking on the rugs and furniture, shedding ten million pounds of cat fur on every surface in our household.....and clawing our furniture to smithereens.

At the condo, we had a couch and recliner with an open weave sort of fabric, and he just demolished it.   Scratching posts you say?  Of course we've given him scratching posts.  AND I cut his claws as often as possible.   But he still loves to scratch the furniture.  Between that and the fur, which stuck into that open weave fabric and wouldn't come out for any reason, we decided our best course of action when we moved was to throw it in the dumpster.

When we moved into the house, I bought a couch with micro-fiber.  BEST THING EVER INVENTED!   For some reason, he doesn't seem to care about scratching it.  And the fur just sits on top of the fabric and allows me vacuum is up with ease.

Someone gave us one of those glider chairs and it was made of that same stupid open-weave fabric.  It didn't take long for our little friend to demolish it.

Can you see the lovely hole in the middle of the seat back?   What you can't see is tons of fur stuck in that fabric.

So Hubby and I went to Joann Fabric this afternoon and I spent the rest of the day doing this:

$9 in fabric and a few hours work.    See how you like that, Mr. Oreo!


Kaye said...

We had a cat named Oreo too!

Joan J said...

Nice job! I don't know why, but Joey the Killer Cat doesn't claw furniture. Instead, he sharpens his claws on the woodwork around the patio door. Just that one place though. I figure it will be easy to someday replace that one piece of molding, so I'm happy with that!