Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One more day

It's hard to believe there will be a new little life in our midst tomorrow.   Hubby's daughter, Wendy, is having our second granddaughter tomorrow.

Baby Elsie is showing her temperamental side before she's even been born.   She is situated bum-first, and despite some attempts at manipulating her into turning around, she has stubbornly decided to stay bum-first.

Doctors don't like to deliver babies bum-first (I can imagine that neither do the mothers!) so they have scheduled a C-section for Wendy.

This will be something new for us.   Our first granddaughter arrived in the middle of the night.  I got the excited phone call from my son saying that Emily Deacy had been born!   Followed by a photo on my phone of Emily receiving her first bath.   I was working at the summer camp at the time, and I went in to work for a 1/2 day, then hurried over to the hospital to be there when visiting hours started at 11am.   It was a beautiful time for me to go.  No one else was there, and I got my fill of holding my very first grandchild in my arms.

Our grandson Noah arrived very early in the morning.   We thought it would be the same situation as Emily......waiting (sleeping) at home and getting a call when he was born.  Instead we received a call from our son-in-law saying Wendy was in active labor and the grandparents could all come to the hospital.  So Hubby and I got dressed, made mugs of coffee, and went and sat in the waiting room until Noah was born.   We were excited that we got to see him and hold him only an hour after he was born.

This time, we'll get to the hospital around 10am, as Wendy's C-section is scheduled for 10:30.   We'll wait until Elsie is born, and hopefully get to see her and hold her as soon as Wendy is out of recovery. 

No matter what, we are filled with excitement over a new grandchild.  It never gets old.  My grandmother had 25 grandchildren, and I bet the birth of each and every one of them was special.

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Joan J said...

One of my most precious memories is being able to see Brayden just minutes after he was born. What a miracle it is. Happy 3rd grandbaby. I hope all goes well. Hugs to you and Tag.