Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The most expensive cookies ever

I've loved the show Cake Boss since it started.  I love the cakes, but I love the family interaction even more.   Hubby was kind enough to get me the New Cake Boss cookbook for Christmas. 

It's actually an instruction manual on how to become a great baker.   He takes you step-by-step on the proper way to measure, mix and bake.   He even explains why you need the right kind of pans for each type of baking.

I decided to start off with the first recipe in the book.  Buddy says you should do that, because each recipe teaches you skills to build onto the next recipe you do.

So I began with Butter Cookies.   Buddy says you should use a cookie sheet with no sides, and it should not have stuff baked on from other baking.   Of course, I had to go out and buy a new cookie sheet.  ($20 at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but I had a coupon and a gift card!)

Next was the ingredients.  Buddy says to use only the ingredients he lists, and not to substitute.   I needed cake flour, not all-purpose flour.  ($3 for a very small bag).   I needed x-large egg whites (.20 cents more than regular eggs).   I needed almond paste.  ($3 for a small package).  And I needed a whole pound of real butter (more expensive than fake butter). The only thing I had in the house I didn't need to buy was sugar.

I followed the instructions carefully, measuring each ingredient precisely.   You're supposed to have one of those big, free-standing mixers, but of course I don't.   So I used a hand mixer.  It was hard going, but I managed to get the dough made.    I decided to make really small, bite-size cookies.   Buddy says you're supposed to use  a pastry bag and make them all cute and of equal size, but I didn't have a pastry bag either.

So they came out looking like this:

They're not as pretty as Buddy's cookies, but they tasted really good.   With all those fine ingredients, they damn well better have tasted good!

Next, Buddy's ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies.   mmmmmmm!


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

That's so funny! Love "Buddy" and htat you did everything just as "Buddy" would have wanted you to..good for you! So, were they really GREAT?!

Karen said...

They were pretty delicious Colleen. I brought some to work and they disappeared pretty quickly.

Kaye said...

Parchment paper on an old cookie sheet would have sufficed.I used to think parchment paper was a waste of money but I've changed my tune. I did buy a really nice new cookie sheet a couple of years ago and have been using the paper on it. Still looks like brand new. They do sound expensive but glad they tasted good.