Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Me? A hostess?

For the past 9 years, I lived in a condo the size of a closet.   Seriously....the whole place was 660 square feet.  And it had TWO bedrooms.  So you can just imagine the size of my living room/kitchen. 

 We could literally only invite four people over at a time because that's how many people we could fit at the kitchen table.  If we were lucky, we could squeeze 6 people in if we weren't planning on eating.

And forget about having friends or relatives over for a BBQ.   After two stolen grills, we gave up on even having a BBQ for just the two of us.

Thus the reason for getting a house.  We needed ROOM!!  Room to have company over, room to do projects, room to have a grill and picnic table in the yard.

Our dream came true in June, and we've been busy organizing, unpacking and fixing up since then.

So when I organized a trip to see "Footloose" with some friends and family, it never occurred to me to invite them over for a meal either before or after.   One of my friends sent an email asking the particulars about time and place, and she casually asked if we were going to go for a meal. 

And it dawned on me that I could have them over!   I could be a hostess!  I could invite friends and family over!  Have a cookout!!  Enjoy my new HOME!

And so I did.   Someone brought margaritas, someone brought dessert, I cooked on the grill, we ate, we drank........and we had a very, very fine time. 


Anonymous said...

and best part ... you don't have to drive home after!

tag vennard said...

and we all fit in the same kitchen! not to mention how we all fit in the same livingroom before dinner too! love our home hunny!