Monday, August 1, 2011


After the first three frantic weeks or so after we moved into the house, we determined that it would be wise if we tempered some of the housework, un-packing and small renovating with some fun activities.

After all, summer is only a couple of short months, and it would be over before we knew it.

This weekend was the epitome of balance.

Friday night we went out to a coffee house and listened to friends play music.   FUN

Saturday morning, Hubby finished moving things out of the storage unit while I finished putting down tile in the bathroom.  WORK

Saturday afternoon we went canoeing and had a picnic at a local lake. FUN

Sunday morning Hubby mowed the lawn and worked in the yard while I did grocery shopping and did laundry.  WORK

Sunday evening we had friends over for a BBQ and musical jam.  FUN

I went to work this morning feeling like we'd had a pleasant and productive weekend.   YEAH!

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tag vennard said...

WORK on Monday--- fun???
I think not!
supper tonight cooked by my darling- FUN!
8 ^ )