Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kelly and Nick's Shower

Today was my son and his fiancee's wedding shower.   I can't believe I left the camera at home!

The shower was put on by Kelly's sister and it was just lovely.   She had shower games with prizes, and fantastic food.  Kelly opened many beautiful gifts.   Some random tidbits:

*   Nick absolutely did not want to be there.   He dropped Kelly off, came in to say hi, then took off!

*  My ex-mother-in-law and ex-sister-in-law were there.   Kind of strange, but I've always gotten along with them and divorcing their son and brother did nothing to change that.

*  The cake was a "cake boss" style cake, made to look like a cooking pot with modeling chocolate kitchen accessories on top.

*  My sister-in-law Angie's Mustang rolled down the driveway and nicked the side of Kelly's mother's car.   Some time after Angie had gotten there, she stood up and was looking out the window, and suddenly said, "Hey, where'd my car go?"    There was a small amount of damage to Kelly's mother's car.

*  Emily had a great time at the shower.  She found the "toy room" and brought out her old favorite Thomas trains to play with.   She also gave everyone at the party one of her goldfish crackers, and dug through the M and M bowl to make everyone a handful of "rainbow M and M' each of red, orange, yellow, green and blue."   I asked  about purple and she informed me, "They don't MAKE purple, Memere!"

Tomorrow is Emily's birthday party.  I'll be sure to bring the camera.

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