Wednesday, August 17, 2011


My new favorite thing is Freecycle!  I mentioned before that it's a website that lets you post either something you want, or something you want to give away.  Among others, my friend Joan told me about it.

That's right.........GIVE away.   Because, as the name states, everything is free.   No money changes hands, no swaps....just free stuff given and received.

I've said for quite some time now that I firmly believe that we could close all the retail stores in the world and just swap everything with each other and everyone would be perfectly happy.  And I still hold that to be true.

So far, the only thing I've gotten from Freecycle is the Spirograph.   And I gave away a box full of DVD's.   I didn't list all the DVD names in my post....just said I had 23 DVD's.  And I got about a dozen people who emailed for the chance to have them!  Unknown DVD's.   Sweet.

So tonight I put up a post for a Leaf Blower.  Hubby loves to rake (I know....but I married him).  The people who sold us the house left us all kinds of yard tools, including the Leaf Blower.    It's in three pieces, I don't know  how to put it together, don't know if all the pieces are there, and I don't know if it works.  And that's how I listed it in the post.

Three hours later, I have three offers to pick up the leaf blower.   I just love this website!


tag vennard said...

"One person's trash is.... a whole lot of trash"

Marianne said...

I'm also a big fan of Freecycle. It's been a great help for decluttering my home of useful items I no longer need.