Sunday, March 27, 2011

Winter Hiking

Hubby and I are gluttons for punishment when it comes to going outside in the "spring". As was quoted by Henry Van Dyke, "The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month." So true, so true. The First Day of Spring was a week ago......but it's not spring yet in New Hampshire. Never-the-less, Hubby and I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful blue sky and get outside for some "spring" hiking. I found a place in Wells, Maine called the Rachel Carlson Wildlife Sanctuary. We decided to head over there. I was concerned about it being too muddy on the trails. I shouldn't have been. I should have been concerned about it being too icy! Since it was a gorgeous day, we figured we'd drive up the coast road. First stop, the Hartley-Mason Reserve. Yes, we got out of the car for a walk (a very quick walk) on the beach. I had to resort to my Babushka look, since I hadn't brought a hat and I thought my ears were going to fall off! We continued along the coast road, past Long Beach in York and visited Nubble Light House. (visited it from the car, that is.) Finally found the Rachel Carlson Sanctuary, which turned out to be.......okay. Not very exciting. No animals to be found. (besides a chipmunk and a couple of geese) But the estuary was pretty cool. Hubby and I decided it would make a great place to have a long "float" in the summertime. Just get a tube, and some sunscreen and off you go.

We stopped for a very short walk at Prescott Park in Portsmouth on the way home. And now I'm showered and in my jammies......ready to read my Sunday paper and veg.

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