Monday, March 14, 2011

Time to say good-bye

Time to say good-bye to our condo. Time to move on to a "big people" house. (hopefully!) I bought the condo we're living in after I left my first marriage. It was a good move at the time. I had some money from the sale of the house and put about 1/2 the price of the condo as a down-payment. And it's served its purpose for 9 years. When Hubby and I got married 5 years ago, I tried to sell the condo so we could get something big enough to house ourselves and the 3 twenty-something age kids still living in our households. That didn't work out. The condo was on the market then for 9 months and there was nary a bite. So we settled in and have been living here for the past five years. Now it's time to try again.....for several reasons: 1) The place is just too darn small. A) I can't have more than 4 people over comfortably for dinner, which leaves out our ever having dinner with all our children at once. B) I can't have any holidays at my house because I can't fit everyone in. C) We have no storage. No attic, no cellar. D) Hubby has lots of "stuff" and there's no place for it. E) I would like to have room to work on projects and leave them out. 2) We have no backyard, and therefore no BBQ's (without our grill and chairs being stolen.) 3) I'm sick of living with neighbors on top of us. A) The kids upstairs who apparently wear tap shoes and dance around. B) The drunken neighbor next door who will someday start the whole condo on fire. C) The idiots who have car alarms. So, we took the big step and put the condo on the market. According to the real estate agent, the hard part will be selling the condo; the easy part will be finding a house. We'll see.

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