Thursday, March 3, 2011

What lit the fire under my ass?

I've been procrastinating lately. Supposed to make appointments, plan events, etc. And I just didn't seem to do anything about it. Laaaaaaaazy. The winter is beating down on us all and making us lethargic. But for some reason, I got up this morning and started doing stuff: 1) Made an appt. for my mammogram. The notice saying I should call to make the appt. has been sitting on my desk for three weeks. 2) Made an appt. for my physical. I have to have one every year because I'm on blood pressure medication and they won't give me a new prescription unless I have the physical. 3) Made an appt. for Hubby's oral surgery. 4) Reserved the tickets from the library for the Museum of Fine Arts, so we can go there on Saturday. 5) Checked the train schedule and marked a map for our Saturday trip. 6) Put in my request for time off in April to go to Montreal. 7) Made a hotel reservation for Montreal. 8) Looked up some places to have a shower for my step-daughter. 9) Emailed my sister-in-law about the shower. I'm usually very much an organizer and planner, but for some reason lately I've been putting things off. Even though it was only about 10 degrees, maybe I feel like spring is around the corner.

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Joan J said...

Three weeks late for a mammogram? Shoot, by most standards, you're far ahead of the rest of us! Good job. And don't beat yourself up - you got it all done eventually!