Sunday, December 19, 2010

Vennard Family Christmas

Hubby's family agreed to have Christmas a bit early this year, to make it easier for those who had multiple households to attend. With two two-year-olds in the picture, it seemed important not to over-stress them. Uncle Paul and Aunt Jeanne got the boys Little Tikes fire trucks! Going by the size of the box, they assumed that it was already put together! One of the dads, Ryan, gamely put together one of the cars, which the boys shared for the afternoon. Noah helped....... Grampy and Noah shared some time together, watching carefully as gifts are passed out. Hubby's sister Peggy played Santa. She does it so well....she's a very generous Santa Claus. She still fills stocking for all the "kids"....even the ones who are in their twenties!
Hubby's mom made it downstairs for a short time. While she was down there, her sons were busily installing the new 32" TV we all pitched in for up in her bedroom.
Hubby's son Kenny, his friend Matthew, daughter Wendy and sister-in-law Jeanne share some time together.
Grandpa (aka Hubby's brother Doug) watches as his son Ryan and grandson Gabe open a gift.
Hubby loves spending time with his grandson.
We ate, we talked, we played, we opened gifts. A good time was had by all. We also had our Christmas with my kids on Friday night. Two more parties to go...........Christmas Eve with Hubby's kids and Christmas Day with my whole family.

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Joan J said...

It's so wonderful you live so close to all sides of your family. Looks like you had a wonderful day!