Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nice N Easy

Christmas-time has been easy for me this year. Because I want it to be so.
I decided early on that it's totally ridiculous to get all jazzed up and anxious about Christmas. The whole idea of the season (besides the obvious, religious one) is to bring JOY to people's lives, right?

So why is everyone running around like nuts ripping their hair out?

The season is to be enJOYed!!

So I am determinted to enjoy it.

My decorations are minimal. My tree (a real tree, cause that's what Hubby and I like) is up and decorated. I put several decorations with sentimental value around the room. I don't decorate outside because we live in a condo.


I started very early asking everyone what they wanted for Christmas, made a list, and shopped online.


I don't do any baking......because no one wants to eat it. Maybe I'll see if I can get my grand daughter over to make some Christmas cookies. Just for fun. 'Cause FUN is the name of the game, right? So baking.............done.

I wrap a little bit every night. No point getting a crick in my neck wrapping for hours and hours.


I love sending out Christmas cards. Hubby and I try to get a nice picture or two when we go away on our adventures. I sit at my computer and make them. They have our names pre-printed on them and I have my mailing labels all set up on my computer to print. Easy and quick.

Christmas cards..............done.

The Christmas season can be whatever you want to make it. Easy or hard. Anxious or Joyous. The bottom line is....Christmas will come whether you're ready or not. And really.....what are people going to remember? Your perfect tree? Your expensive gifts? Your running around like a nut and going crazy? Or.........the fun and joy and excitement you bring to the season?


tag vennard said...

I do enjoy the Christmas season but I cant wait until its.....DONE

Joan J said...

I took the hassle out of Christmas this year by not making a lot of gifts myself, and getting my shopping done early. Now I get to do the fun stuff that I enjoy, without worrying. I've been planning a post on my blog soon about this same subject - for a friend that is over-the-top stressed out about Christmas and it's absolutely ruining her family's holiday season. So sad!!! LOVE your photo Christmas card! :)