Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's way.

I'm sure we all had different plans for New Year's Eve. Some think it's worth it to travel into the city for "First Night". Some go out to parties, restaurants, friends houses. Hubby and I aren't partyers, and rarely go out on New Year's Eve. (We did have an awesome time a couple years ago when our kids sent us to a dinner/show/New Year's Eve party) But snuggling on the couch is usually good enough for us. This year, the weather in New Hampshire just happened to be close to 50 for New Year's Eve, so Hubby and I went to our most favorite place in the world. The beach! The few boats that were in the water were surrounded by hunks of ice. We were going to go to our favorite junk shop, but it was closed for the holiday. We were looking to pick up a couple of "odds n ends".
However, Hubby's record shop was open. He managed to spend a few bucks in there.
Here's what I think of more records in the house!
Such a cozy wooden walkway to travel across.......Hubby and I love the beach in the winter!
By the time we got from the boardwalk in Newburyport to the beach at Salisbury, the sun was beginning to set.
I did find one of my favorite things.....a whole sand-dollar. We also found TONS of shells that were washed up after the east coast storm we just had.
After walking along the beach, we visited our absolute favorite seafood place...Brown's. We weren't the only ones with this great idea. The place was packed.
Hubby enjoyed himself!
And so did this guy. He had the place rockin'. I told Hubby this should be our new New Year's Eve tradition.

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