Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Little Bit of Busy

Hubby and I just got through what will probably be the busiest time for us this year. Hubby played Piano at a Christmas Party on Thursday night. We both went straight from our respective workplaces. The Party started at 6pm and they were blinking the lights out at us at 9pm. All that would have been fine and dandy....except we both had our "Holiday" potluck lunches at work the next day. So....after the party, we came home and cooked. Hubby had offered to make sushi for his party, so he was busy chopping and rolling. I was making chicken marsala in the crockpot, so I was cooking and mixing. On top of that, we were going to my kids' house for our Christmas party on Friday night, and I had said I'd make some salsa, so I was busy chopping and dicing for that as well. We got to bed about 1am (I'd never seen Jimmy Fallon on Late Night!). Friday was busy for both of us at work....although we managed to find time to stuff ourselves. Straight home from work, grab food and gifts, and off to my son's house where we had a great time with all my kids, spouse, fiance and grand-daughter. We ate and opened gifts and played with the new cats and the grand-daughter. And I only forgot to bring one gift for my son. Oops! He'll get a nice extra gift sometime next week! Now it gets quieter and more steady-paced. Easy day today. Dad wanted to find a NY style deli around here, so we're picking him up and going to Exeter for lunch. And tomorrow is Christmas with Hubby's family.

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