Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Enjoying the Sunshine

On Sunday, Hubby took me to our favorite breakfast place...Parker's Maple Barn. Every time we go up there, we pass this beautiful big pond, and we say we should stop there "sometime" with our canoe and check it out. This Sunday, we did! This is Potanipo Pond in Mason, NH. An over-the-shoulder shot of my Hubby steering the canoe.
Self- portrait.
And the water was beautiful for swimming.
Thus ended the most excellent of weekends. Hubby knew how frustrated I was with not getting outside during this hot and sunny summer, and spent the whole weekend taking me around to do whatever I wanted to do.
My Hubby is awesome.

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Joan said...

Remembering that "I knew you when..." I just want to say, I heart Tag :)