Monday, September 13, 2010

Bergeron Family Reunion

Yesterday was our Family Reunion on my Mother's side of the family. The Bergeron Family started with my Grandparents, who had 7 children, who had 25 children, who had 57 children. There's another generation as well, my grand-daughter Emily's generation, but I don't know how many great-great grandchildren my grandparents would have.
Yesterday we managed to get about 60 of those family members together at a State Park in NH.
It was a little scary at first as it seemed like just my immediate family was there.
Then people began showing up.
My cousin Bobby and his beautiful wife Nancy. They've been good friends to my parents, and have been especially loving and helpful with my Dad since my Mom died.
Cousin John, cousin Glenn and my brother John give my Dad some advice around the charcoal grill. My Dad made his famous chicken livers wrapped in bacon. They disappeared as quickly as they came off the grill.
Emily was once again the youngest one there. She loves playing on the playground.
Little Second-Cousin Alissa (I think?) actually went swimming in the lake despite the chilly temp.
My brother and his "Huh?" face.
This is what was happening all day: sitting, eating, talking and visiting.
My Uncle Chanel has a quiet chat with his daughter, Cathy.
My Cousin Fran, her daughter Sabrina and her niece Bianca. Fran is my "twin cousin". Her mother and my mother are identical twins, and we are only 6 months apart in age. When we were younger we took great joy in having the same hairdos and eyeglasses to enhance the likeness. Nowadays, she looks more like my sister Chris with her short, dark hair.
Second-Cousin Matt, his brother Joey's Fiance Brandy, and Matt's mother Nancy.
Hubby had a great time playing on the beach with Laura.
My Uncle Chanel, the only living relative left of my Mom's (she had five sisters, all of whom have also passed away). He is almost 83, and was out on the beach with kids playing a beanbag toss game. Beside him is my second-cousin Jimmy's girlfriend, Jerry.
My niece Sara, my cousin Cathy and my cousin Scott share a moment.
Sara really didn't want to get her picture taken, as you can tell by the above photo. But she gave me this gem later.
It was crazy, it was fun and it was heartwarming to see all my cousins and their families once again.
Can't wait for #18.

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Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

What a great spot for a picnic! And how wonderful to have everybody there and having a great time..