Monday, September 27, 2010

Apple Picking with Emily

One of my favorite activities has always been Apple Picking. I've always loved it....the crisp fall day, the blue sky, the apple trees dripping with apples. I've been very lucky the past two years to be able to take my grand-daughter out apple picking. Yesterday, we went to our favorite place, Apple Acres. The first thing on our list was the hay wagon ride. We waited patiently for the wagon to arrive. Finally we could see it coming.
Pepere took a picture of our happy faces.
Then it was time to pick some apples. I showed Emily how to "shine them up" on her shirt.
She literally picked the entire bag of apples herself
And of course, had a couple to munch on.
After a second tractor ride, it was time to have some hot apple-cider donuts and cold cider. Deeeeeelicious! Emily, however, didn't even want to try it! She was still munching on her second apple. Pepere and I shared the half-dozen donuts we got. (What?!? They're small!)
Emily picked out a great pumpkin for herself.
And we had to squeeze in one final tractor ride. By now it had gotten busy, but Emily was very patient.
Afterwards, she told the farmer driving the tractor that it was her best tractor ride, EVER EVER EVER!

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Me (aka Danielle) said...

What sweet memories you made with such a cute gal!