Monday, August 2, 2010

The weekend of the grandchildren

We had a wonderful time with Emily on Friday night. So on Sunday, when Doug and Kara called to ask if we could babysit for a couple of hours, we couldn't say no. Kara's brother's baby had been born and they wanted to go see him. The problem was.....Emily had just received her new Thomas The Train table with tracks and accessories and didn't want to go visit her new baby cousin in the hospital. I really, really wish we'd had our camera with us, cause Emily and Pepere played Thomas the Train for over two hours! Then at night, we had invited Hubby's two kids and significant others and baby Noah for dinner. It's awfully hard to get a good picture of Noah, since he moves so much! He and his Grampy have a special bond. They had fun together playing on the floor. We're thankful that, so far, Noah thinks Play-dough is for stacking. He does love rocking out to Grampy's guitar. And the rest of the crew, who cheered Noah on during all his endeavors; Matthew, Kenny, Wendy and Allen.

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