Sunday, July 11, 2010

A lovely Sunday

Another hot and sunny day in New England. Unbelievable. The weather so far this summer has been the exact opposite of the two or three previous summers. It's nice to have the beautiful weather, but sad to see everyone's lawns so brown.
We wanted to get out and about today.....but no canoeing for a few weeks with Hubby unable to lift more than ten pounds.
So we took a ride up to Newburyport. We walked along the boardwalk and looked at the harbor.

We walked all around the downtown, which is a lot of fun because it's all brick walkways and little stores and artists' galleries. We stopped and got an ice cream cone.

And we went to the "junk shop". AKA the "Oldies Marketplace".

It's kind of a mixture antiques and junk. I had seen some old Golden Books last time I was there, so we went back and I bought a couple of them. Hubby found an old tool for $3.

It was beautiful along the waterfront with a hint of a breeze. A perfect summer Sunday.

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