Monday, July 5, 2010

Emily "Paints Fingers"

Today we went over to Doug and Kara's for a little visit and some lunch. The minute we walked in the door, Emily asked if we could "Paint Fingers". Apparently, Daddy told her that as soon as Memere and Pepere got here, she could finger paint.

A couple of laughs from her: Instead of squirting the paint on the paper, I was goofing around like I was going to put the paint on her hand, or on Pepere's hand.....and she told me in no uncertain terms that the paint belongs, "on the paper, Memere!!" (and in her head was probably..."you idiot!"

We were playing with her fire station, and I was picking up all her little people, dressed in their outfits as doctors, farmers, etc., and pretending they were asking if they could be a firefighter too. Of course, I was being in: "Can I be a firefighter too, huh? Can I? Huh, huh, please please please!!!!???" And she'd say, "no, you a farmer" or "you a doctor". Finally, when I picked up another toy person to annoy her some more, she said, "This is one who's going to be quiet!!"


The Boob Nazi said...

Memere and Papere? What is that language?

Karen said...

I got a comment from Boob Nazi and it wouldn't post then disappeared. She asked what language Memere and Pepere is from. It's Canadian French.