Saturday, October 17, 2009

Woodstock....40 Years Later

On Sunday of our vacation, Hubby and I went to Woodstock. Neither one of us went to the actual event 40 years ago. I was only 9 .... Hubby was 14 and would have gone if he could have had someone go with him. He was....and still is....a hippie. Whoever designed the building did a beautiful job. It's gorgeous. Unfortunately, you could not take photos inside. I was very impressed with all the amazing, life-size photographs from the event, as well as some videos. The thing that amazed me the most was that Woodstock was not just "thrown together". There was tons of info about how much planning went into the event. Besides the museum there is an outdoor ampitheater and they have some very serious artists come to put on concerts. Hubby and I would like to go back next summer and see a show.
This is the view of the field where the original concert was actually held. The gravel area at the bottom is where the stage was.
They also have a placque memorializing the site.
There are several little dives in the area that cater to the Woodstock tradition. We had to go inside this one and see what was up.
That night we went out to eat. Hubby wanted to try the Italian place. We were horrified to see white cloth tablecloths when we got there. (We have a serious aversion to white cloth tablecloths....just too classy for us.) Despite the tablecloths, the place was empty except for some very loud, very boisterous people at the bar. After perusing the menu (and seeing the prices for this "fine dining" ) we surreptitiously left the table and went to the Fat Lady Cafe down the street. Much more our style.


Joan said...

I had no idea they'd built all this on "the site"! I think I'll put this on my "Want to see someday" list. Far Out! ;)

Val said...


I hear you about 'fancy eatin'
We would rather sit at some dive bar eating good wings :)