Sunday, October 4, 2009

What We Did on Our Weekend

Weekends are much too short. Working on Saturday morning just cuts your weekend down to one day. So we try to make the most of it. After I worked on Saturday we relaxed in the afternoon then went out to hear some friends play guitar and sing. We went to Savoury Lane, a tiny little venue that has delicious home-made food.
We listened to our good friends "Cooper and Kenneally"
We also got a chance to listen to one of our favorite duos, "Two Cat Folk".
It was a relaxing and fun evening of good music and good friends.
On Sunday we went to Nashua for their Art Walk. We have to go out of town to see or hear anything the least bit cultural because Salem, NH is a vast wasteland when it comes to live music or art.
We walked around downtown Nashua stopping in different venues and seeing artists and musicians. It was pretty quiet but lots of fun.
Tonight we watched the Amazing Race, one of only two shows I watch regularly....the other being Survivor. Because there's nothing good on TV, Hubby and I just signed up for Netflix. So Hubby is watching "Woodstock: 3 days of peace and music".
This is in preparation for our weekend away next weekend to Bethel, NY, the site of the original Woodstock Music Festival.
Peace Out.


Kaye said...

Do you have a favorite yet on the Amazing Race? Already, there are people that annoy me ! What a fun show.

Debbie said...

Sounds like you had a delightful weekend!

Val said...

Great weekend!

Thanks for the kid mind knows that is exactly what needs to happen....yet, I don't have the energy to complete the task.
I think hubby and I need to tag team this once and for all.