Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween with Emmy

We are so lucky to be able to go out "Trick-or-Treating" with our grand-daughter, Emily. She is the happiest child imaginable. Everything is a game, funny or just plain fun. This year she dressed up as a cat. She loved the outfit....she kept rubbing her belly!
Before we left we had to take all the obligatory pictures. Emily loves her beautiful Mom, Kara!
She's all set to go out with her Daddy and Mommy.
Memere and Pepere are ready to go. And Emily's other Nana came along as well.
Emily really did "get it" this year. She went up to the first house and the person had to put the candy into her pumpkin, but after that, she picked out the candy (or a couple pieces) by herself. She wasn't concerned with what kind of candy it was.....she picked which color wrapper she liked the best!
Auntie Jamie came along too. Emmy had to walk this as to avoid the same situation as last year - namely a face-plant so bad she had an egg on her head! Towards the end, we went to a house that was playing spooky music with screaming, etc, and Emmy was a bit freaked out by it. We told her over and over that it was a silly ghost. She was tired and wanted Nana to carry her.
She had a wonderful time and so did we. It's a real blessing to be out trick-or-treating again, especially on such a beautiful night and with such a fun-loving girl!


Utah Grammie said...

That tail shot is the cutest ever! What an adorable child..and you can see she's VERY happy as are all those who love her :-)

Joan said...

Now I can't figure out if she looks more like Doug or more like Jamie! That little face reminds me so much of Jamie when she was little! Either way, Emily is absolutely adorable!