Friday, October 16, 2009

Where Have I Been?

We got back from our vacation on Tuesday and our computer when kerfluey on Wednesday. "Nuff said about that. We left on Saturday morning about 9am for our big adventure. We wanted to stop in Hartford for breakfast, since that was about two hours into our trip. That's the only thing I didn't plan, and the only thing that went wrong. As we came off the exit, I had visions of a waffle with fruit and whipped cream for breakfast. However, it was not to be. There was McD's, BK, Wendy's, etc. But no Pancake House, no IHOP, nothing. We ended out at McDonald's. Yep, McDonald's for breakfast. Except that it was past 11am so they don't serve breakfast any more. I had a chicken sandwich for my breakfast. Ugh! It's against my religion to A) eat chicken for breakfast, B) eat at a chain restaurant while on vacation and C) especially McDonald's. And that was the ONLY thing that went wrong on our trip. The rest was golden. On the way into New York, we stopped in a place called "Sugar Loaf" that had an artists' colony, and the artists' colony was doing a street fair. There was music, art and food. I had the most delicious home-made potato chips, hot out of the fat! Mmmm!! Hubby spent all his birthday money on records. Remember vinyl?
From there we went the rest of the way to Bethel, where we found our Bed and Breakfast, called "Puravida" which means "Pure living". Our host, Steve, was very hospitable, as were his two dogs, Jake and Oliver. Steve's favorite saying was, "No worries" and "You are home". He gave us free run over his entire house...the kitchen, living room, outdoor deck overlooking the river where you could sit in the deck chairs and watch for eagles.
That night, we went to "Benji and Jake's" for dinner. It was a nice little pizza place that looked like it was housed in a converted mill. We spent $11 on a delicious pizza and $14 on two scrumtuous brownie and gelato desserts.
Back at the inn, we played the card game "Hearts" with the other couple staying there.....Stephen and Maria. We laughed and had some wine and played cards until bed-time.
I'll tell you all about our visit to Woodstock tomorrow.

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Joan said...

Sounds like you had a great time. How nice to find such a friendly bed and breakfast, too. OK, now it's time to head towards Cincinnati :)