Monday, June 8, 2009

We're BA-ACK! Bar Harbor Day 1

Whew! Our vacation is already over! Time sure does fly when you're having fun. We left last Wednesday for our 5 days in Bar Harbor, Maine. Actually, if you want to say it right - like the Maine-iacs's Bah Habbah.
We packed so much into our days that I think I need to blog about one day at a time. Otherwise my post will be waaaaaaaaay too long. And you want pictures, right?
We left about 9am on Wednesday. Beautiful sunny day. So cool to know we were off on a vacation while everyone else was working. And five lovely days in front of us to look forward to.
We stopped in Augusta, Maine for breakfast. It was actually almost lunchtime by the time we got there. I am wise to the ways of our travels now though and had some oatmeal before we left the house. A hungry Karen is NOT a happy Karen.
The place was a little hole-in-the-wall, which I hope we all know is the best kind of place. A big, full country breakfast for cheap. However, they did not take a debit card. Cash only. So they let us leave.....can you believe that?.....and go to the bank down the street for some cash. Hubby offered to leave me as collateral but the waitress said that wasn't neccessary. Seriously, how much could they get for me on the open market?
We landed in Bar Harbor about 2:30 pm. Our B and B's check-in time was 4pm, so we drove "downtown" and parked and walked around a bit. It's a quaint little town with shops and artist's galleries and lots of places to eat.
We found a lovely little park that turned out to be the part of the "Ocean Path". This was such a lovely little path all along the ocean and the harbor that we walked it every day we were there.
The path had gorgeous beach roses all along the edge. They smell divine. An added extra bonus for us was that in Maine the lilacs were still blooming. So even though they were all gone in our area, we got to smell them again for another week.
We could sit on the edge of the path with the Harbor behind us. Don't we look like tourists?

When it was finally after 4pm we went and checked into our B and B. I can't say enough about how wonderful this place was. We got there just as they were serving afternoon "tea". Every day from 4-6:30 they had homemade cookies and cakes, ice tea, cold water or hot tea or coffee. It was just one of the many amenities. They had coffee and tea available at all hours. They had free bottled water and soda. Internet, DVD's to play in your room, etc. And the best thing was, they made us feel so comfortable and welcome. I didn't feel at all weird about going into the kitchen and making myself some tea or stealing left-over piece of cake for Hubby.

We had our coffee on the rocking chairs on the porch every morning and even had breakfast out there on our last day there.

After "tea" we went back downtown and browsed around and ended out at a place called "Geddy's" for dinner. I picked it out of the book because it seemed cheap inexpensive. I learned that cheap isn't always best because they were really a pizza place and had arguably they worst seafood I've ever tasted. I vowed to go to a "real" Lobstah Shack for dinner on Thursday.


tag vennard said...

be sure to "trip advisor" the Primrose Inn favorably hunny because they were a very nice place to stay! and the antique piano to play in the parlor was very interesting. and the food was delicious.
love ya

Kaye said...

Makes me homesick! Glad you had a wonderful time.

Debbie said...

It just sounds and looks perfect! One of these days I so hope to go there.