Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Emily is a Silly Girl

I hadn't seen my grand-baby in about three weeks with all that was going on. Today my daughter was going to babysit her, so I went and "crashed" so I could visit both Emily and Jamie at the same time. Emily moves so fast it's hard to get photos! But here are a couple:
And with the ever-present ball in her hand:
I also had to take a video of her "dance" which I thought was just hilarious. In the middle she is "singing" the "C is for Cookie" song from Sesame Street. I apologize that she stopped and I kept videotaping, but I didn't know how to cut off the end.


peewee said...

Grandparents are THE BEST. They think ANYthing you do is genius and hilarious. I miss mine. :( It sucks the day that you get old enough that they're all gone.

Maggie said...

LOL, funny that it takes ALOT of practice to be able to catch a 2-3 year old on camera, isn't it?! You have NO idea how many pictures I actually take to get the 2 or 3 'perfect shots' haha

The video was very cute!! =) Is she stepping on a water mat? I could hear sloshing, but you couldn't see it on the video. Jonah would love that!

Joan said...

Isn't it funny -- today in the 2nd picture from the bottom, I see JAMIE in Emily! And how cute is she?! OK, let's make a date -- 20 years from now we're hooking up our grandbabies! LOL