Friday, June 26, 2009

Computers are EVIL!

For the past two weeks I have been office-hopping. Sounds like a fun schoolyard game, doesn't it? Well.......guess what.......not so much! They are building us a new office right here in town......3 minutes from my house. Fantastic, right? However, in order to build the new office, they placed a "portable office" ....aka trailer.....on the future parking lot of the new office and we've been working out of that all winter. Now they're ready to rip up and re-do the parking lot, so of course the trailer had to go. Hence the office hopping. My company has 5 other district offices. They range from 4 miles from my house to 22 miles from my house. And I have been assigned to work in all of them. It's been fun to go to the other offices and meet people I've only talked to on the phone and see how the other offices are run. But being in a different office means different user names and passwords for every single program I work in on the computer. means that I have to make sure I'm logged into the right office or it can cause mayhem in our accounting system. So each time I went to a different office, I had to call Internet Servies and make sure they had me set up right.....that my printers were set up...and that all my passwords worked. You'd think that would be easy for I.S. guys right? How about an hour this morning??? An hour of finagling and fixing and calling I.S. back and asking them to change something. And then I had problems all day. Very frustrating to try to service a customer and then ask them to wait while I call I.S. to help me. Today was the third office I've been in. I had similar problems at all three offices. I have tried to head them off at the pass for Monday and ask them to set me up ahead of time for the office (my fourth) that I will be working in. I can guarantee my forethought will not ease the transition. The new office opens Mid-July. I don't even want to be there for the fiasco that's going to ensue when we try to get the whole office up and running correctly. Maybe I should go on vacation that week.

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