Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bar Harbor - Day 2

Thursday in Bar Harbor was a gorgeous day. The sky was as blue as can be and it was warm.....70 degrees at least.
Our B and B served us a fantastic breakfast. Homemade muffins, blueberry pancakes and an egg/cheese baked thing. They also give you a nice blueberry compote for dessert.
Our first stop of the day was "Sand Beach". It's the only beach in Bar Harbor that has sand. Every other beach has a rocky coastline. We took off our shoes and stuck our feet in the water and boy! Was it cold!! My feet ached just walking on the wet beach sand!
From Sand Beach we walked about 3/4 mile along a seaside path to "Thunder Hole". This rock formation is such that when waves hit it, it sound like thunder. However, you have to time it correctly need to be there when the tide is coming in......and we were there at low tide so we didn't get the full effect. The original plan was to walk another 3/4 mile to Otter Point. When I figured out that we would then have to walk 1 1/2 miles back to our starting point, I opted to walk back from Thunder Hole and drive to Otter Point! There were no Otters at Otter Point. Strangely enough, there are no Porcupines on Porcupine Island (off the Bar Harbor Coast), no Cranberries on Cranberry Island, and no Swans on Swan Island. What are people thinking??
From Otter Point we drove up into Acadia National Park and stopped at restaurant called Jordan Pond. This is the only restaurant in the park and has been there over 100 years. Their claim to fame is their popovers. When we got there, they offered us indoor or outdoor seating. Of course it was so beautiful out we chose to eat outside.
To our surprise, there were tables right out on the lawn, facing the Pond and the Mountains. (The mountains are affectionately called "The Bubbles" by the natives.....Hubby and I thought they should be called "The Boobs".) We were served the most deliciously warm ginormous popovers with butter and strawberry jam. It was a surreal experience and one I would recommend to anyone going to Acadia Park.
After that we drove up Cadillac Mountain. This mountain is the highest peak on the East Maine coast and boasts the fact that if you are standing on the top in the morning, you are the first person in the United States to see the sunrise. It was gorgeous.
By the time we returned to our B and B it was around 8pm and we decided to go to Southwest Harbor to Thurston's Lobster Pound.....a place recommended to us by someone else at the B and B. It was about 1/2 hour away...through spooky, eerie fog....and when we go there they were closing! At 9 pm on a Thursday night! We had forgotten that in Maine, they roll up the sidewalks early.
After searching around for another place, we ended out at Geddy's again. Since it has a bar, it stays open late. I definitely was not going to have seafood there again, so we got a pizza! I'm pretty sure it's against my religion to have pizza instead of seafood while visiting the Maine coast!
We returned to our B and B exhausted and sunburned .....but very, very happy!


tag vennard said...

wasn't day 2 the best? the pizza was good though. I think everyone in Guam sees the sunrise before the people atop Cadillac, but Cadillac is the first on the mainland to see sunrise. that is our little Bar Harbor, those little white dots. such a pretty place!
you gave me the time of my life darling!

Joan said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures! It sounds like you had such a wonderful time. Isn't it nice to have a husband who loves to do the same things you do. Way cool, Karen! And you KNOW all this is making me WICKED homesick ;)

Lucy said...

So beautiful. I would love to see New England. It's the only part of the US I have never been to. Wonderful photos.