Sunday, July 8, 2018


The third stop on our South Carolina Tour was Savannah, Georgia.   Our first time seeing moss hanging from the trees and Hubby was just delighted!

We stayed in the Historical District of Savannah.   Our Bed and Breakfast was a whole row of  buildings reminiscent of the Back Bay in Boston.   There were beautiful curved staircases leading up to the second floor apartment.  I had been told our room had been upgraded, but it was still stunning to find that we had a whole apartment, literally big enough to have a party for 50!  It was all decorated in a very Victorian style.  

Besides living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom, there was a back stairway leading out to a semi-private patio.  Very nice for coffee in the morning.

And there was a beautiful covered porch where we were able to enjoy a home-made breakfast each morning.

It was hot as Hades in Savannah (with no convenient beach nearby to cool off!) so we took one of the many hop-on, hop-off trolleys to navigate our way around the city.  It turned out to be a delightful way to go, as the trolley drivers are unscripted...meaning you get a different spiel from each driver as you get on and off different trolleys.

On this trolley several characters came on and gave us a little history lesson.

A Pirate

A Plantation Owner

The city is laid out in a grid pattern and on each intersection is a little "square" with grass, trees and benches.  Many of the squares have statues of historical significance.   This one has a statue of the "Waving Girl".   Florence Martus began waving at every single ship as it entered the Port of Savannah when she was a young girl, and continued unabated for 44 years.

One of the things we enjoyed  was a riverboat cruise on the Savannah River aboard the Savannah Queen.

We bought the dinner cruise but probably should have just stuck with the regular cruise, because we really wanted to spend more time up on the top deck!

The views were stunning as the sun set.

There was a single guitar player up on deck so we even got a chance to dance.  It was a lovely cruise!

One of the things I wanted to do in Savannah is visit the home of Juliette Low.   She is the founder of Girl Scouts of America.   Girl Scouting runs in the ex Mother-in-Law gave me a patch from when she was a Girl Scout, I was a Girl Scout as a girl and a leader as an adult, my daughter Jamie went through Girl Scouts and earned her Gold Award, and now my granddaugher Emily is a Girl Scout as well.

Tag has a chat with Juliette in the garden.

It was interesting to find out things about Juliette that I never knew....she was an accomplished artist and made some lovely wrought iron pieces like this one displayed in the garden.

We also got to eat at Paula Deen's iconic original restaurant, "The Lady and Sons."  I was surprised that the restaurant was just a hole-in-the-wall diner type place.  But the food, of course, was outstanding.   Right across the street was the Jazz Club, where Hubby was turned away for wearing slippers!

Our final stop before we left Savannah was Tybee Lighthouse.

Again, we were able to climb to the top for a spectacular view.

Hubby and I just loved Savannah.  It was probably my favorite of the four places we visited.  Despite the heat, we left Savannah reluctantly to make our final drive back to Charleston.

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