Sunday, July 1, 2018

Hilton Head

Our second stop on our South Carolina Adventure was Hilton Head.   We traveled down Route 17, which is officially SweetGrass Basket Makers Highway.  Sweetgrass Baskets originated as an African Tradition from the Gullah tribes.   Now, this tradition has been handed down for generations.   The Highway is dotted with dozens of small stands with local Gullah women selling their wares.  We bought this sweet little basket at one of those stands.

We also stopped at this cute little general store, which sold many different flavors of cider.  Yum!

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Beach Cottage.  Again, right on the beach.  There was a beautiful pool with an outside restaurant where we had a fantastic buffet breakfast in the morning.   By the pool there was a Tiki Hut, where music was being played all day.

Hubby got a chance to do his patented "Hat Chase" routine on the beach!

The water was warm and lovely and I once again enjoyed swimming in the ocean.

Lovely meal at an Island Grille

We only stayed one night, but we did find time to go see Harbour Town Lighthouse....very pretty and with a great view from the top.

And next thing you know.....we were on to our next stop in Savannah!

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