Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Audrey's 5th Birthday Adventure

Hubby and I attended a fundraiser for Shriner's Hospital because some friends were playing the music for the event.  I participated in the silen auction, and won four tickets to the Children's Museum of NH in Dover.   

I thought it would be a great idea for Audrey's 5th Birthday Adventure.   Audrey graciously allowed her sister to come on the fourth ticket.

We began our adventure with lunch.  I let Audrey choose the restaurant, and she decided on Friendly's.  Great choice!  Mini hamburgers with fries...

Elise literally ate the cheese off the cheeseburger bun and that was it!

And "Monster" ice cream for dessert......for everyone including Pepere and  me!

The waitress was agreeable to putting their coloring sheets up on the wall.

First stop at the Children's Museum is the Yellow Submarine....Pepere liked that!
You can "steer" it while watching out the window for sharks, etc.   While Elise was steering, Audrey commentated...."Elise! Turn the wheel!  You're going to hit the rocks!"   And she learned you can drive right through the seaweed!

Next was the Post Office.  We took turns being the Postal Worker and the one who rings the bell for service.

There was a room with all kinds of soft sculptures so you could make your own creation.

Pepere shows off his muscles

Audrey shows off the flower Pepere made for her.

I regret I did not get a photo of the sand table.  There was a light above it with a sensor that apparently measured the height of the sand.  When  you made the sand into a mountain, it looked brown with a topographical type map of the sand.  If it was hollowed out, it looked like a lake.  Fascinating for the kids AND the adults!

Audrey was impressed with the dinosaur's teeth!

Audrey designed and built this tower  herself!

Pepere "helping" Elise with her tower.

Puppet Theater

They had lots of cute puppets there!

I also missed taking photos of the Magnet Area and the "Cantina" that was a play restaurant with plastic food for serving.

This area was very cool.  The wooden pieces on the wall have sensors behind them so when you press on the wood they make a musical note.

Elise instructs Pepere to dance

And finally at the top of a long ramp was a "cave" that Audrey loved because when  you pressed a button, it emitted purple lights displaying heiroglyphics.

Both girls were fantastic all day and listened very well.   At the very end, after each girl had another turn driving the submarine and I'd said it was time to go, Elise suddenly went deaf!!  LOL   She didn't cry or throw a tantrum, she just crossed her arms and pretended she couldn't hear me saying it was time to go.  

It's always an adventure for Memere and Pepere just as much as it is for the grandkids!  And we enjoy it as much as they do too!

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