Saturday, July 8, 2017

Quebec City Food Tour

One of the fun things we did on our trip to Quebec City was to go on a walking Food Tour.

Our tour guide was Antoine - who was very funny.   He walked us around for almost three hours, and we stopped at seven different places.

First stop was "La Buche" which turned out to be our favorite place.  We ended out going back there that night for dinner.  I had a sample of their smoked salmon, and it was so delicious I got a smoked salmon salad for dinner that night.  Besides being covered with the smoked salmon, there was a poached egg and two slices of Canadian Maple Bacon on top!  Yum!!  

We were surprised to see the proprietor lining up shot glasses.  Turned out we also got liquor at almost every stop!  

 La Buche served us "Caribou" which is.......a sweet Quebecois alcoholic beverage composed of red wine, whiskey and maple syrup.

Hubby liked it so much he tried to find it in the US and could not.   Our "tasting" for this restaurant was a small piece of smoked salmon.

Our next stop was Tournebroche, which is the French word for "spit" in the spit the meat is turned on.  They figured Tournebroche was a nicer name for a restaurant than Spit!  We were served a some wine, and a crustini with Wild Boar Pate.   (tastes like pork)

Next was the Maple Store...with everything maple!  Candy, syrup, teas, coffees, etc.  They gave a short talk on the way Maple Syrup is produced, and gave us a taste of three or four different grades of syrup, as well as some Maple Ice Tea.

Our next stop was the "Snack Bar".   We had passed this on our record store search, and didn't realize they had an area out back with picnic tables.  Here we had some delicious Poutine!

Hubby thought they should have served us some beer with the Poutine, but he loved it!

Le Moine Enchanson was our next stop.  The story goes that the owner wanted to open a bar, but there were no liquor licenses available.  But he told if he opened a restaurant, he could serve liquor.  So his claim to fame is that, instead of pairing wine with the food, he pairs food with the wines.   (Same difference to me, but I am not a wine connoisseur.)   We  had a nice glass of wine and some Cod Fritters.  (which are tastier than they sound!) 

"Le Billig" was our final restaurant stop.   They served us another lovely wine with a delicious crepe.

And our Grand Finale was a stop at the Chocolate Shop!

We had a really wonderful time.....and still managed to find room to eat dinner that night!

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Kate C. said...

Sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing.