Thursday, July 13, 2017

Audrey at the Aquarium

Our tradition is to bring the Grandkids out for an adventure rather than buy them a gift for their birthdays.  Grandchild #4   (aka the Beautiful Audrey Elisabeth) was celebrating Birthday #4, and Memere decided to take her to the Boston Aquarium!     

Audrey is happy to be finally here!

Audrey is a very quiet and thoughtful child.  She stood in front of each display and watched all the activity.  When she was ready, we moved on to the next thing.

We went outside to see the Sea Lions.  They were very frisky and playful, so Audrey watched them for a long time.

We went to the cafeteria for lunch and of course, Memere let her get whatever she wanted.   Mac and Cheese and Chocolate Milk!

And a great big M and M Cookie!

After that, we went downstairs to see the Manta Rays.   She hadn't been willing to put her hand in the water earlier in the day to touch the starfish or Sea Anenomes.   But she did reach in and pat the Manta Rays!

Pepere got a turn to try it too.   After seeing the Manta Rays, we went downstairs to see the sharks.  Surprisingly, the baby sharks were her favorite!  So much so that when we went to the Gift Shop for a special treat, she chose a stuffed shark!

On the way home, Pepere insisted we stop for ice cream.  Audrey chose "pink" ice cream in a cup, and Memere had Totally Turtle in a cone.   I offered Audrey a bit of my cone, and next thing you know, she was eating my cone!

A little ice cream on the nose is always funny!

As usual, Memere and Pepere enjoyed the adventure just as much as Audrey did!

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