Saturday, July 5, 2014

Watching the Garden Grow

Phew!   A bit of a "hurricane" for Fourth of July yesterday.....and then I wake up this morning to brilliant blue skies, sunshine and a gorgeous breeze! Perfect day to go out and assess the gardens and snap a few photos.

The flower gardens are looking pretty damn good.  The front garden has been slow to produce any only gets morning sun and then a lot of shade.  But I finally got some Tiger Lilies including this dark-colored one that is so unusually pretty:

Since I just planted most of these perennials last fall, I've been hesitant to pull out anything that looks to me like a weed, because it might be a nice flower!   So thankfully I didn't pull out these plants, although the flower is a mystery to me.  Anyone know what it is?

There are lots of other blossoms in this garden so another week or two and I should know what the stuff I planted is going to look like!

For some reason, the Hydrangea in the front yard, which was covered in blossoms last year, only produced one blossom this year:


The other front English Garden is doing spectacularly well, as it should since it has the sunniest spot in the whole yard:

Despite the fact that the woman who I got these flowers from assured me they were Day Lilies, they ended out being Tiger Lilies.....which I didn't really want along the stone wall.  I have a whole mess of Tiger Lilies in the backyard and really wanted the shorter Day Lilies out front.  I'm still trolling for Day Lilies if anyone needs to get rid of any this fall.

Lamb's Ear turned out to be beautiful.  Last year they stayed very short and didn't flower at all.  I was quite surprised that this year they grew to 3 feet tall and produced these spectacularly colored blossoms.

On to the vegetable garden, which is even more exciting than the flower gardens!  Who knew I would love gardening so much!

The garden is looking fantastic! Everything is growing at an amazing rate.   This year we put up a 5 1/2 foot fence so as to avoid the Great Deer Debacle of 2013.    I also have some garlic-smelling stakes to put in the ground (courtesy of my daughter-in-law Kara) and I'm sure I still have some Wolf Urine from last year to hang on the fences!!

Last year we had beautiful zucchini plants and no zucchini!   So I determined it was a lack of bees and pollination, and geared myself up to go out and hand-pollinate the flowers when they began to blossom.   When I checked the garden this morning and saw both male and female flowers, I ran inside and got a Q-tip to hand-pollinate them. Much to my surprise, each female flower already had a small zucchini growing behind it!  Hallelujiah!   There are three zucchini on  this one plant.  I have about 7 more plants all covered with dozens of buds....I might regret my wish for more zucchini this year!

My first time growing carrots....the plants look big and do I know when to pull out the carrots?

Time to harvest some lettuce!

Pea Pods!  Again, my first time growing peas.   They look like they might be ready to harvest......but maybe I'll wait another week or so?

Now that's a Peppah!!!!!  I'm ready to pluck it....Hubby says to wait..........*tap tap tap goes my foot*

The tomato plants have gone jungle!!!  

The most promising looking tomatoes so far.....they are not as big as they appear in the photo!

It's very exciting to see all our vegetables growing like crazy.   I'm dying to taste all the yumminess in our future!

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