Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I'm a Dirty Girl!!!

After the exhilaration of doing the Spartan Race last year, I signed up for the "Dirty Girl Mud Run".   Since they offered a BOGO, I asked my daughter Jamie to do it with me.

Our day turned out to be sunny and warm....perfect to get all muddied up.   For those who don't know, the Dirty Girl is not a race, just a mud challenge.  It's for women only and a donation is made to breast cancer awareness.

Basically, the goal is to get as muddy as possible.  There were fourteen obstacles and each got us muddier than the next.  It was a 5K race, but not very difficult.    Most of the obstacles were placed so Hubby couldn't take pictures.......but here are a few:

Jamie's friend came up with the slogan for our shirts.  And since there was a donation being made to breast cancer awareness, we included a tribute to my Mom......gone now four years.

It was a hike up the hill to the starting point!

The first obstacle could be seen from the bottom of the hill.  Hubby assures me that at this point he couldn't tell who was who....so this is not us!  But it was a big, blowup slide that you climbed up and bounced down on the other side.  I thought there'd be a big puddle of mud at the bottom but there wasn't!

Instead the next obstacle was a cargo net over a big trough of mud.  You had to go under the cargo net, and it was high enough at the beginning to just bend over and walk under.  Then the cargo net got lower and lower until you had to army crawl at the end!   There was no choice but to get completely covered in mud!

The rest of the obstacles along the way were similar.  Lots of crawling under......sometimes it was a banner, sometimes a tube...but always through a bunch of mud! At one point there was a young man with a bucket of mud, and if he didn't think you were muddy enough he'd douse you with a bucketful!

And Jamie got caught throwing mud at me!!! Imagine that??!!

We also climbed over a cargo net, over an "A" frame wooden structure, and over a wall.   The wall was much easier than the one at the Spartan race....there were wooden hand-holds!  

We went up and over a big A-frame cargo net and rang the bell at the top. 

And luckily there was a big blow-up slide with a big mud puddle at the bottom!  Jamie and I went down with Moose Antlers to see if they'd take our picture...and they did!

Towards the end, we went down a hill.....where there were ropes so you could ease your way down standing up.....but I chose to slide down on my butt, and Jamie chose to log-roll down!  

At this point we looked like warriors coming off the battle fields!

Through a rope maze and finally we got to the final trough at the end!  We had a great time throwing more mud at each other and making sure there wasn't an inch of our bodies that weren't covered.

Hubby made sure to take our "after" photo:

The venue had a "rinse station"  (basically a whole bunch of hoses) where we could get the biggest chunks of mud off us ......although there were plenty of spots on my body that did not get clean!   Then they  had a changing tent so we could put on dry clothes.

Each participant got a t-shirt and celebratory beer.

They also had food and stuff you could buy and beer was for sale for the non-participants.  We sat and relaxed for a little while.

Hubby was a great photographer and a pretty darn good roadie as well! And....a great big smooch and a thank you to him for putting up with my insanity!

We headed home....where a took a very very very long shower!

We had a wonderful time.  It was loads of fun....and I thank my daughter Jamie who, as always, was supportive and loving and so much fun!   I wouldn't have wanted to do this with anyone but you, Jamie!

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