Sunday, July 27, 2014

Emily's 7th Birthday!

Wow! I can't believe my first little grandbaby is turning 7!  She is turning into such a beautiful little girl....inside and out!

Last year we took her to Canobie Lake park for her birthday, which was a fantastic day.  She's been a few times since, and is now willing to go on bigger and scarier rides.  Since Pepere and I are not into going on rides, we thought a more sedate activity would be better this year.

I found that the Palace Theater in Manchester NH has a children's series......7 different plays they do over the summer for children.  And one of the plays included in the series is Cinderella!!  Perfect!

We picked Emily up on Thursday evening.   Mom was putting the finishing touches on her outfit.

Outside for a couple of pictures of her beautiful dress.

Mom asked for a pose....a hand on the hip works!

Pepere grabbed a photo of us going into the theater.  Sadly, I never thought to take the camera and get a photo of Emily with her Pepere!

Waiting for the show to begin. The theater was packed with parents and kids...lots of little girls in Cinderella dresses!

Is the show going to start now?  now? now? now?

The play was pretty funny.  It was over-the-top silly since it was geared toward the children.   Emily loved it!

After the show I suggested that we should get a little something to eat, and Emily immediately requested Papa Gino's.  Not a surprise!

We discussed how she could use the tails of her hair for paint brushes.

Sauce on the chin!

LOVE the Papa Gino's pizza!  It was so much fun to sit and chat with her and 
enjoy her silliness and humor.

We had a great time, as we usually do when we spend time with Emily.  I hope these outings with us will stick in her brain and become life-long memories.

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