Friday, August 2, 2013

The Weekend of the Grandkids........and kids!

We were lucky enough this past weekend to see all four of our grandchildren....and oh yes, our children too!  When I said out loud in front of my daughter how happy I was that we'd see all the grandkids, she says...."AND your kids!  What are we now, chopped liver??"      SIDE NOTE:   I had always wondered where that expression came from and now I know.  Chopped liver tastes like dirty feet.....I can understand why people mention it in a derogatory way!

Anyway......we started out with Emily's Sixth Birthday Party on Saturday.   Of course she had a pool party and for once our New England weather was nice.  There were tons of kids there, and they took full advantage of the pool and the new swing set.

Emily's Nana made her a My Little Ponies Birthday Cake

Because I'm such a Memere, I made Emily a new dress for school - and for our birthday adventure with her we'll be bringing her to Canobie Lake Park - God help us!

Besides seeing Emily and her family - my son Doug and his wife Kara - I also got to see my daughter Jamie, and of course my son Nick and his wife Kelly and my new little granddaughter Audrey.   Our camera died  before we got any pictures of Audrey, so I'll share this one that Kelly posted of Audrey pulling her own hair!

On Sunday, we were invited down to Boston to visit Hubby's son Kenny and his fiance, Matthew.  They made us a delicious brunch and also invited Hubby's daughter Wendy, her husband Allan, and our two grandkids Noah and Elsie.

It's not always easy to get pictures of those took me four or five tries to get this one, and Hubby photo-bombed it!

And Elsie's even tougher because she never stops moving!

We totally loved spending time with our families......hoping to get all four grandkids to our house on the same day sometime this summer!

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Joan J said...

Such beautiful grandchildren! I live for the days when I get mine all together, especially around the holiday dinner table. Love it. You have a beautiful family, Karen. Sending you all hugs.