Wednesday, July 24, 2013

First Annual TCPOE Riverfest-Palooza

Hubby and I enjoy going to the Acoustic Cafe Open Mic in Groton almost every Friday night.  We not only love presenting our songs and hearing other singer/songwriters, we've made some very good friends.  We call the cafe TCPOE -  The Coolest Place On Earth - because it is!

A couple of those open mic friends were discussing kayaking and canoeing, and thought it would be fun to organize a Riverfest Palooza.......everyone bring your boats, we'd launch in the Nashua River, and  if anyone was so inclined, bring some instruments and play music on the river.    What a great idea!

There were about a dozen of us in everything from kayaks



to canoes


in the back of our canoe

a rowboat
and even a strange pedal-driven kayak


(Gayle and Cheryl were there too, but I guess I got no pics of them!)

We spent about 3 hours paddling up and down the river, singing and playing musical instruments.  Pat added a bit of style with her parasol

After we finished on the water, Marc and Paula invited us to their home for "a couple of drinks and something to eat".   I have to say I was completely amazed at the instant party they created.  Plenty of food, drinks, and steaks on the grill!   It brought to mind the new style of tents that pop right up when you open them.  This party popped right up as soon as we stepped into Marc and Paula's house.  

And of course, after the eating, there had to be a jam.  When can musicians ever get together without jamming?  It was a fantastic day from beginning to end.   It's already being discussed that this is going to be an annual event.   I hope so!

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