Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth of July

It's always a great day when your expectations are met or exceeded by your experience.  I had been looking forward to the Fourth of July all week for several reasons.   First, it's always great to have a day off during the week.  Second, we were going to my brother's house to have a BBQ and swim in his pool.  And third, we were walking over to the local junior high to see the fireworks.

The day was perfect weather-wise.  After days and days and days of stormy weather we had the perfect summer with clear blue skies.    We got to my brother's around noon and I immediately went into the pool.  My brother John and niece Laura and hubby joined me, and we floated and chatted for a long time before  John got out to cook for us.  And he's a great cook.  Eating hotdogs and burgers and spare ribs cooked on the grill and eaten outside just screams Summertime!!!

We spent the afternoon chatting, eating and swimming.  Life is good!

Then home for a little rest and then time to get ready for the fireworks.  I thought it would be just Hubby and me, but we ended out being joined by Jamie, Laura, and my son Doug and his wife Kara and our granddaughter Emily!  That couldn't have made things any more perfect!

As I was sitting in the infield of the ball field behind the junior high, with my family gathered around me, full of good food and pleasantly tired from swimming in the sun all day, I was as content as I could possibly be.  

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